Mono’s free-flow offense in the absence of Johnson.

The Vampire were able to move the ball more freely with Reggie Johnson out of the lineup from their previous game against the Heat just four days prior. With the additional space in the paint to operate, penetration from guards and cutting wings allowed Mono to still put up 60 points in the paint. Quick drives were met with little resistance from the Saigon Heat defense as they weren’t able to position themselves quickly enough.

  Akeem Scott doing damage from the inside.

After coming off a hot perimeter shooting performance, Heat starting guard Akeem Scott only managed to hit one of his six three-point attempts. Instead, Scott did just about all of his damage from quick drives to the basket and when he wasn’t laying it in with ease, the Jamaican-American import was drawing contact that led him to the charity stripe. He went 8-for-13 (61 percent) on his attempts inside the arc and finished with 27 points, six rebounds, seven assists, and two steals before fouling out late in the fourth quarter.

  Foul troubles extinguish the Heat.

With such heavy reliance on their starters, any sort of foul trouble that the Heat could get themselves into would jeopardize their chances of closing, and ultimately, winning the game. Against the Vampire on Wednesday night, they fell just into that trap. After some hot first half shooting, David Arnold was hit with his fourth foul early in the third quarter and had to sit for the rest of the period. In the fourth, the Heat had four of their starters playing on four fouls. The biggest blow would end up being Akeem Scott’s fifth and final foul with 44 seconds left in regulation, as the visitors looked lost on offense without him, and were outscored 5-17 in overtime.

  Jason Brickman’s scoring aggression.

Jason Brickman still had his usual pass-first mentality in the game, dishing out nine assists. It was his aggression in finding his own shot that proved to be a difference maker as the guard played the entire 45 minutes and finished with 21 points on 8-of-14 shooting. The heritage import was able to convert on easy blow-by’s to the rim, especially against a fatigued and foul-troubled Scott along with a lack of a shot-blocker to meet him.

Vampire revenge.

Coming off a convincing defeat at the hands of the Heat on Sunday in Saigon, the Vampire were given a chance to even things up on their home floor in such a short span of time. Things didn’t look so bright early on, as the team was playing from behind for the majority of the game, going down by as far as 13 points. After the Heat’s Arnold and Scott fouled out, the tide quickly shifted in favor of the home team in overtime where they completely dominated the visitors.