Delvin Goh versus Teerawat Chanthachon

Both young and promising big men put in a lot of energy for their respective team. The Slingers’ Delvin Goh had a perfect 4-of-4 shooting from the field, recording eight points and four rebounds in his performance. On the Vampire’s side, Teerawat locked in 12 points and five rebounds, making his presence felt at both ends of the floor.

  The absence of Leon Kwek and Wong Wei Long showed.

Although Singaporean locals usually find a way to contribute for the the team, a lack of a reliable scoring threat behind the Slingers’ three imports hurt in Wednesday night’s loss. The consequences from losing both Leon Kwek and Wong Wei Long from last season’s squad poked their heads out as no local finished in double digits.

  Baby Shaq.

Mono Vampire fully utilized their big man’s immense mass inside the paint, where he converted on many easy shots. Even the athletic Ryan Wright wasn’t able to do much in deterring him. Reggie Johnson simply used his size to his advantage, dominating in Shaq-like fashion. He would finish with 25 points to along with 16 boards and three assists. Though it doesn’t show up on the stat-sheet, Johnson used his body well in preventing easy baskets from the Slingers, a contributor to Xavier Alexander only making 4-of-13 (30%) from inside the perimeter.

  A magical third quarter.

One big reason why the Vampire were able to pull away from the Slingers in the third quarter was because of point guard Jason Brickman. Living up to his “pass first” reputation, Brickman ensured that the team ran with a nice flow by providing ample amounts of touches to go around for scoring opportunities. His 12 assists were a game-high which included great looks for both Paul Zamar and Patrick Sanders at the three point line. They rewarded Brickman and the team by combining for 40 points, hitting 6-of-7 from the beyond the arc.

  AJ Mandani continues to stroke it.

After two terrible games to start off the season, AJ Mandani finally found his usual hot hand in the Philippines last week. It continued in Thailand. The heritage import seemed to be the only consistent scoring option for the Slingers throughout stretches of the game, finishing with 14 points (50% FG) as well as four rebounds and two steals. His team will only rely on him more, should he continue his hot shooting on the floor, making tough shot after tough shot.