An ambitious basketball team from north Borneo, also considered East Malaysia, is looking to rock-and-roll the regional basketball scene with their detailed plan. With essentially no history or traces back to previous basketball regimes, the North Borneo Roosters look to have no shortage of confidence in themselves, despite being a relatively new team within the region.

Kevin Ong is determined to accomplish great results on the court, but also carry on a bigger mission in developing homegrown Sabahan basketball players. “The team’s vision is to foster homegrown Sabahan basketball players that are able to compete at higher-level competition. Hence, we have drawn out three stages for our team to achieve before officially joining the ASEAN Basketball League,” the club’s president shared.

Every great execution typically stems from great planning, and the Roosters have a comprehensive plan to develop themselves as a professional organization, while also focusing on the growth of their players.

“We have just kicked-off stage one of our plan,” mentions Ong, adding, “This is a┬álong-term project in which we want to build a solid team foundation that will transition us from the local team level, to national level, and lastly, the international level, which is the ABL.”

Seeing as the Roosters have just started their plan, time is an important commodity for this new team. In fact, they have already began actively seeking young players to join them through various mediums, including online recruitment on Facebook. The team is seeking players that not only posses skills, but passion as well.

“We do have a timeline for each stage. June to February 2019 would solely be dedicated to player selection and training. Then we will participate and compete in local leagues (Malaysia Pro League & Malaysia Pro Development League) during stage two that will take up the entirety of 2019 and 2020,” the native Malaysian said.

“Hopefully we can participate in the ABL by near 2022, but if everything progresses well, we can achieve our target earlier than that.”

The Roosters also have a very promising coaching staff to help carry their vision through the next few months. “The coaching team is headed by coach Su Chung, a USAB Gold License coach, and assisted by two more coaches that will be taking care of basketball skills and techniques. Aside from that, we also have a certified fitness instructor to guide our players in strength and conditioning,” elaborates Ong.

Although it’s still ways away from their ultimate goal, so far, everything sounds positive for this young team. The club president credited local enthusiasts in helping to make this dream possible through contributions in several areas.

“We have a team and a group of committed Sabah basketball enthusiasts who are working together to build this team up.”

The Roosters have yet to shy away from expressing their passion and desire to play on a bigger stage, but are also aware and understand that they should be taking one step at a time, rather than rushing into things. Perhaps most importantly, the locals are providing much needed support to the young organization since the beginning.

The future is obviously bright for the Roosters.