CLS Knights Indonesia notched their seasonal first winning-streak at MABA Stadium in Kuala Lumpur about a month ago. During that game, their newly signed heritage import Keith Jensen immediately brought his shooting to the team, despite having only one full practice with the team. He nailed in four triples that gave his team a 10-point victory that Sunday afternoon.

The entire Indonesian team was making their business, count in which they made 11-of-27 shots on the perimeter line. However, they won’t be having the service of Indonesian basketball legend- Mario Wuysang for the remainder of season, and it could be a huge challenge for their young back-court now.

Another player that went into beast mode on that game was Shane Edwards. The ex-NBA player recorded an impressive double-double, in which the opposing Malaysian team didn’t had any one that can stopped his athletic drive to the lane. His effective shooting from the field would still be Knights main scoring option this time, in GOR Kertajaya, Surabaya.

On the other hand, Dragons have no choice but to win the rest of the games on their schedule, in order to keep their playoff dream alive. Based on their previous meeting, although Joshua Munzon carried the whole team by logging in 29 points and 15 rebounds, but his ineffective and questionable shooting wasn’t bringing much help in reality. However, he has switched his approach and become a more matured and reliable player recently, so expect the same energy and scoring power from this California native.

Besides, the Malaysian locals have been performing at a steady pace now, especially Kuek Tian Yuan and Wong Yi Hou. The latter contributed 16 points from the bench on the last meeting, arguably his best performance so far this season. Coach Chris Thomas would want these two to play with more confident in Surabaya, in order to even the record with Knights.

Key Individual Match-Up(s)

Freddie Lish VS Jawhar Purdy

With the absence of Mario Wuysang, coach Koko Nugroho would now give his heritage import Freddie Lish full power on facilitating the team. The flashy Thai-American guard is best known of his quick ball handling skill and ability to score within a short period, but the current role would required him to also make effective pass to teammates that are wide open. Although he is currently shooting 28 percent on the perimeter line, but he is still very threatening when he catches hot hand early of the game.

The newly signed Jawhar Purdy may not be the best heritage player in the league, but his willingness to defend and share the ball make him valuable in Dragons. He will most probably be assigned to guard Lish, and expect him lower down his damage to the team especially when he drives into the lane with quick speed. Besides, Purdy would also has to adapt himself early into the game, particularly in the one of the hottest arena in the league, if not the most.