After a very competitive first game of the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) Finals, visiting team Mono Vampire Basketball Club looks to replicate their effort and intensity against San Miguel Alab Pilipinas in Game Two.

“I’m really proud of our team,” said Mono Vampire’s American head coach Douglas Marty, adding they will return to watching tape and making adjustments against the Philippine team.

When asked about Mono Vampire big man Samuel Deguara’s performance, the 58-year old head coach only had good words for the 7’4” Maltese center, “Sam is an anchor on offense for us, and he showed some really good things today. I saw a lot of positive things.”

“To simplify, the game was a roller coaster,” said Marty after losing in overtime to the home team last Sunday. “They have a lot of shooting guns, but we never gave up. We have foul troubles on Sam, and Jason (Brickman) got cramped legs, Paul has cramped legs. [But] the guys never gave up.”

Marty was proud of his team regardless, but acknowledging the home team bring the best out of them. “Credits to them, they had putting pressure on our defense all game,” the coach shared.

Even though Mono Vampire’s outstanding offensive power was showcased in front of the passionate Filipino fans, the last few minutes of defensive disruptions changed the game and eventually cost Vampire a painful loss as they got outscored by Alab Pilipinas’ Justin Brownlee and Renaldo Balkman.

Marty urged his team to show their defensive side of mentality on this tough series, saying, “Obviously we have to improve our defense after this game.”

Subsequently, Mike Singletary also agree with his head coach on the last remark. “Like coach said, we can fix some things that we did tonight, that were pretty costly to us,” said Singletary in a serious tone.

“But I’m proud of our team, we fought to the very end, we never gave up,” adds the ex-PBA import, before sharing how much he appreciates the opportunity to play in front of thousands of fans again.

“It’s fun for a visiting team to come into an environment like this. I love playing here, the fans they love basketball and support behind of team,” the 29-year old import added. He also acknowledged that fans are an important factor that pushed the home team through adversity during the last few stretches of the game.

“Going to an overtime at a hostile environment like this, you know, they [Alab Pilipinas] get a little bit more energy. Hopefully we will have a much better game on Wednesday, by our standard.” closed Singletary.