Mono Vampire Basketball Club supporters are expected to come out in droves to support the team when they host San Miguel Alab Pilipinas in the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) Finals.

The Thai club’s management announced that tickets are completely sold out for the third game of the best-of-five series. And while the actual numbers may pale in comparison to the Filipino crowds that came out during the first two games in the Philippines given how Mono’s Stadium 29 is not as large in terms of seating capacity as other indoor arenas, the atmosphere during the team’s semifinals series against Chong Son Kung Fu was no-less electric.

“I know they will be ready, and I hope they cheer for 40 minutes because we will need them to provide us with energy,” said Mono Vampire’s heritage import Paul Zamar, who knows very well how passionate his fellow Filipinos are about basketball, but also said the Thai crowd knows how important coming out to support the team is in this series.

Known for having a relatively thin crowd during most of their games, Mono Vampire fans showed out during the second game of the semifinal round, where their energy helped push the home team in completing a series sweep to advance to the finals.

“I am just a little worried about complacency,” shared Zamar. “I know Alab Pilipinas is looking to bounce back, so we cannot afford to relax knowing we have tied the series and that we are going to play the next two games in our home court. I hope we won’t be.”

The Filipino guard insists playing against the Philippine club is all business, and wants to keep the same aggression they had during the first two games played in the Philippines, where they were able to steal home court advantage by winning in game two.

“I fully expect Alab to be more aggressive in game three,” he added. “They will play with a sense of urgency. They are one of the best road teams in the league so we need to be ready and match their intensity from the start.”

Mono Vampire went on an early attack during game two, and while Alab Pilipinas was able to keep within striking distance for most of the game, the strong start proved to be key in stealing a game on the road. Zamar was able put the nail in the coffin with his two free throws during the end-game, with Justin Brownlee missing two potential game-tying three point shots as time expired.

“For us to be successful, we need to continue to stick to our game plan and execute. We can’t afford to make any mistakes against them because they will take advantage every single time.”

Mono Vampire hosts San Miguel Alab Pilipinas on April 28 (Saturday) and 30 (Monday) at the Stadium 29 in Bangkok, Thailand for the next two games of the series.