The ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) has officially announced that the reigning champions CLS Knights Indonesia will be replaced by the newest team Fubon Braves for the upcoming season. 

As they announced the Braves’ entry, the ABL in turn signified that the Knights would not be defending their title, and no longer be participating in the league.

“Chinese Taipei-based basketball squad will replace the CLS Knights Indonesia and complete the list of ten teams vying for the ABL championship,” read the official statement from the league.

The Knights pulled out of the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) two years ago after a rule change dispute, subsequently joining the ABL during the 2017-18 season.

During their debut season in the pan-ASEAN league, CLS struggled and finished with a 5-15 record and was eliminated from playoff contention. The Surabaya-based team then bounced back as they tallied a winning record (15-11), before completing a cinderella-run to the championship this past season, outlasting the Singapore Slingers in five games.

With their shaky relationship history with the IBL, and now the ABL, it remains to be seen where the CLS Knights would be competing in the near future. One thing for certain is that their hundreds of thousands of supporters will be anxiously waiting.

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