Perlas Pilipinas guard Janine Pontejos took home the first gold medal for the Philippines as she trumped the mixed opposition during the Shoot-Out Contest Final in the 2018 FIBA 3×3 World Cup.

Using her lightning-quick release, Pontejos won the individual contest as she again made the equal number of points as her closest challenger and won via finishing faster. She managed to make 14 points in 41.86 seconds, while Russia’s Alexandra Stolyar finished the same in 49.92.

The top two men and top two women advanced to play in a mixed pool in the final round, and both female participants managed to snag the top two spots. Finishing behind the women are Croatia’s Marin Hrvoje who had 11 points, and Russia’s Maksim Dybovskii who finished with eight.

“I was very nervous. My hands were ice-cold before we started. It was very hard because the air-conditioning was very cold and I am very skinny,” laughed Pontejos in Tagalog.

The 25-year-old Perlas Pilipinas mainstay made nine out of her 20 two-point shot attempts during the 3X3 team competition, including hitting 5/7 against Spain. She qualified for the final round of the Shoot-Out after making six out of ten shot attempts during the qualifying round.

“I am very proud to win this first medal in 3×3. This is our first gold medal in the World Cup, if I am not mistaken. I’m very proud to be the one to get this. This is for the Philippines”