tMalaysian basketball powerhouse NS Matrix recently released huge news prior to the start of the 59th Agong Cup.

As management representative Mr. Richard Lim has stated, the team didn’t performed well during their friendly games in both Taiwan and Thailand, which led team management to an ultimate decision.

In order for all of the members to receive high level basketball experience throughout the year, they plan to send the NS Matrix team, filled with reserve players, to participate in TBSL for the upcoming season.

Since the Thailand-based league shares a similar format with the ABL, NS Matrix will get to service two world imports along with one heritage import. Based on their signings from the 2017 Seri Mutiara Cup, we should expect nothing but high-level imports (Keith Hornsby, Raphiael Putney, Jaleel Roberts, and Jeff Viernes just to name a few).

However, star Malaysian local players like Kuek Tian Yuan, Ting Chun Hong, Ivan Yeo, Teo Kok Hou and Wong Yi Hou will still be playing with Westports Malaysia Dragons during the 2017-2018 ABL season for the basketball exposure that the regional league offers.

It’s 90 percent certain in the organization’s plans for next year, but whether or not they will actually be able to get everything situated in time is yet to be completely determined.