Vietnamese-American forward Justin Young has reportedly agreed to sign with local Thai club PEA Basketball to play as one of their ASEAN imports for the upcoming Thailand Basketball Super League (TBSL). Young had previously played in the Thai league, finishing in third place with the Hanoi Buffaloes last season, but the northern Vietnamese club has already begged off participation for the upcoming edition.

While in the midst of his 2017 VBA championship run with the Thang Long Warriors, the versatile forward was announced via Saigon Heat’s social media channels to be one of the team’s local talents ahead of their 2017-2018 ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) season.

However, things ultimately fell-apart as Young was deemed ineligible as a local player for the regional league based on revised ABL rules requiring an individual to not only hold a country’s passport, but also having at least three accumulated years of residency within the nation to qualify and play as a local.

Young was also linked with another ABL team, Heat division rival Westports Malaysia Dragons, to play as an ASEAN heritage import, which allegedly prompted the latter to file an official complaint when word got out that the Vietnam-based team was intending to sign him as a local player instead.

In response to the developments, returning to the TBSL will give Young another run at high-level professional competition outside of Vietnam. Fellow overseas Vietnamese-Americans Tam Dinh and Sang Dinh have also signed on to play in the TBSL under new team Mekong United.

The TBSL will commence on the 27th of January and will run until the 31st of March.