Mono Thewphaingarm has been playing their patented team basketball all season and would enter the Thailand Basketball Super League (TBSL) playoffs as the third seed, facing off against their affiliate team Mono Vampire Basketball Club.

Ex-Vampire Patrick Sanders continues to do damage from the perimeter, averaging around 18 points per game. However, it will take more than scoring to win against the might Mono Vampire in this best-of-three series.

“A key for us is to play together and keep the communication going because in tough games you can talk through certain things and come out the victor,” said the long-time Thew import, who is determined to draw the first blood this coming weekend.

“We have some talented players on our team and I am excited for us this weekend.”

Unlike the previous seasons, Thewphaingarm switched their heritage imports from Paul Zamar and Patrick Cabahug to Almond Vosotros and Jason Melano.

The 32 year-old Sanders reveals he is keen to play against his former teammate, “I am excited to play against Paul (Zamar). It’s always good to compete and talk with him out there.”

When asked if he has any game plan going up against the red-hot Vampire Mike Singletary, Sanders emphasizes the importance of fighting as an unit, said “I don’t really focus on a individual player just on what we need to do as a team to win.”

Almond Vosotros also believe his team can beat anyone in the league if they compete together as a team, “I don’t think there’s an X-factor in the team, because everyone of us contributes and each has his own role.”

The latest SEA Games 2017 gold medalist also added that this team has a little more time to recover, compared to Vampire who just finished their last ABL regular season game in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday night.

“They (Vampire) are basically playing the same players for both TBSL and ABL, so it gives us an advantage to relax our body before the series. I think this is an advantage.” adds Vosotros.

As a newcomer to this league, the 5’10” Filipino guard feels great and welcomed here in Thailand.

“I feel really good in this league. Perhaps it’s the bond and trust from my teammates, I really felt like I improved my skills here playing as a point guard.” expressed Vosotros.

“It’s fun to play here in TBSL.”

Mono Thewphaingarm will battle Mono Vampire in the semifinals this weekend at Stadium 29 in Bangkok, Thailand.