Khoa Tran: A Familiar Place

by Khoa Tran

Dear fans,

Surprise! I’m back!

You guys are probably wondering why I came back for the 2017 VBA season. Well, let me tell you, I didn’t know I was going to come back to player either. It all happened so suddenly.

As I told you guys, I was not coming back due to the fact that I still had to go to school. In my opinion, I wanted to come back and play, but my parents insisted that I finish school first before I do anything else. Because I love them and respect them, I chose not to come back, opting to finish school first.

Ebrahim ‘Biboy’ Enguio: An Unconquered Mountain

by Justin Taguibao

It started when the Indonesian National Basketball Team went to Manila, Philippines to train in preparation for the 2011 Southeast Asian Games, in which their country was hosting. Timnas Basket, as they are also commonly known, were visiting to test their mettle by scrimmaging with several semi-professional PBA D-League teams.

 One of the guys they played against was 6’0’’ guard Ebrahim ‘Biboy’ Enguio Lopez, fresh out of the University of the East. Timnas’ coaching staff took serious interest in him after they discovered his Indonesian lineage through some small talk in between games.

Joshua Munzon: Stealing the Spotlight

by Justin Taguibao


The gooseneck hand gesture was held up high for an extra second as Joshua Munzon watched the ball fall into the hoop for his first basket of the game, a three-pointer, mere seconds after he missed a shot attempt.

Miss or make, everyone in the arena could feel the confidence and bravado in his follow through for every one of his shot releases.

Fast forward to the end of the third period, Munzon hits yet again.

This time, it was an off-balanced fadeaway three to give PEA a 10-point lead going into the final quarter over the heavy favorites and Thailand Basketball League (TBL) leading Mono Vampires. Most people did not give them a chance to win a…

Patrick Cabahug: Home but Away

by Justin Taguibao

It was a scorching hot Saturday afternoon in downtown Bangkok, a pink-colored taxi was hailed to take us to the outskirts of the city to the swanking, sleek-looking Stadium29, the home arena of the Thailand Basketball League.

Now counting Bangkok as his second home, Patrick Cabahug managed to tell the cab driver the location of the venue, while still giving some navigational help along the way in some decent Thai.

In between me cursing out the traffic and complaining about the sweltering heat inside the car, he shared stories about the journey that brought him across the South China Sea.

Justin Young: Humbling Opportunities

by Danny Lo

The endless buzzing and whirling of motorbikes crowd sun-stricken streets where motorists take any and every opportunity to preserve the complexion of their skin. Under umbrellas of natural shade provided by towering trees, natives take up every inch in addition to being buried under extra layers of clothing despite already scorching temperatures.

Street food stalls and hole-in-the-wall restaurants are plentiful, even if the neighbor 10 meters down is serving the same iteration of that offering. Don’t forget about the accompanying rainfall that comes and goes like your friendly neighborhood stray cat.

For a Californian that grew up conditioned to the always-cool climate…

Anthony Vo: Turning a Faded Dream into Reality

by Anthony Vo

Dear anyone who loves basketball,

I'm here to let you guys know that anybody can make it and fulfill their dreams. It just takes determination, hard work and a go-getter mentality.Here, I'm going to share my experience from hearing about the tryouts, what I did to prepare for it, being inserted into the draft pool, and then finally hearing my name being called during the VBA Draft. 

Before I get started with all that, I wanted to share my story of how my love for basketball began and the reasons why I'm here. Opportunities to play professionally seldom ever come up, so the formation of a professional league in Vietnam is a very big deal and is an open door for regular…

2017 VBA Mock Draft

by Grady Nguyen

With the first ever VBA draft happening tomorrow, ASEANSports and Tones & Definition, for the first time ever but not the last, collaborated to come up with our own VBA mock draft for you guys to see. TK (Tones and Definition), has been in the ASEAN sports industry for a while now, so when the man speaks about basketball here in Asia, you listen. Enjoy our bickering and let us know if you agree/disagree with the list.

Overview: I know this is the first draft ever, so there's not much to refer to, but I feel this is a pretty top-heavy draft. You have pretty much a clear top tier of 2-3 players and it gets a bit murky after that. Team needs are going to be hard…

Hoàng Ca: Heart OVER Height

by Khoa Nguyen

13 năm trước tại sân bóng rổ Đại học Y Hà Nội, một cậu học sinh cấp 2 với gương mặt sáng và tính tình hiếu động đang lần đầu thử sức mình với trái bóng cam. Dằn banh chưa được, ném cũng không xong, thể hình thì không có gì nổi trội, thế nên ít ai trên sân lúc đấy nghĩ rằng cậu học sinh kia sẽ trở thành một trong những cầu thủ nổi tiếng và tài hoa nhất của bóng rổ Việt Nam.

Tên của cậu là Nguyễn Phú Hoàng.

Sinh năm 1989 tại Hà Nội, Việt Nam, Hoàng là người con thứ hai trong một gia đình có bốn anh em trai. Từ bé, Hoàng đã tỏ ra rất hiếu động. Thay vì nằm một chỗ chơi game hay xem TV như nhiều đứa trẻ cùng lứa tuổi, Hoàng lại ưa thích chơi thể thao, đặc biệt là môn thể thao…

Jimmy Kien: Dragon Number Five

by Danny Lo

Raise your hand if you knew who Jimmy Kien was before mid-season of the 2016 VBA season. Okay, how about prior to the start of the playoffs? For those of you that raised your hand… slap yourself on the wrist… shame on you for lying.

Yea, I’ll admit, there was a time when I didn’t know who he was either, but don’t fault me for that.

I won’t fault any of you.

Jimmy is a Viet Kieu, but he didn’t have his own promotional preseason “Off the Court” episode like Horace did, nor did he have an opportunity to etch his name into the minds of Vietnamese basketball fans like Stefan did playing for the Saigon Heat neither.

For those of you that still don’t know who he…


by Khoa Nguyen

2016 was a big year for hoops fans in Vietnam with the first season of its professional basketball league, the VBA (Vietnam Basketball Association) being held. Fans and non-fans alike witnessed a competitive tournament, which gathered the best ballers from within the nation, as well as talented overseas Vietnamese-origin and foreign athletes.

The season ended with the underdog Danang Dragons’ thrilling championship victory over the mighty Saigon Heat and Ho Chi Minh City Wings. For the majority of teams in the league, along with their fans, the excitement that was established from the inaugural season would now be coming to a halt, as the ensuing inaugural offseason approached.…