As a very familiar face to the region, Pat is a well experienced import who has left his footprints on several countries. Malaysia was the first stop of his international career where he played for the Dragons in the ABL for three seasons; a place where he showcased his capabilities under a larger microscope. However, the team fell short during those three years which included three consecutive playoff appearances despite his consistent scoring.


Ironically, the guard/forward finally won the ABL championship just a few years later with Hi-Tech Bangkok City by defeating the team he started out with in a best of three series. Deep inside Pat’s heart, he always appreciated the love and support Malaysian fans showed him during his early international career, making his comeback this season even more meaningful. He uses three words to describe his grand comeback to the Dragons: smarter, stronger, and determined. So much so that we can almost feel his will to complete his unfinished business with the Dragons this season.

The Filipino-heritage player is a well-respected import in the region, especially in Thailand and Indonesia for both the major and minor leagues. According to him, the competitive level of the locals in Thailand and Indonesia may still have a gap with his fellow Filipino players, but the amount of effort and energy they put in to their work is the same.

The love of basketball makes us no different after all.


Perhaps due to his multiple travels to a multitude of different countries over the years has almost left him jaded. There isn’t any country in particular that he is very excited to visit this, but he does cherish the opportunities to check out other countries such as Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

Since Pat is a native Filipino, it didn’t take much time to adapt to the food here in Malaysia when he first got here a few years back. His favorite dish is Soup Daging Tulang (Beef soup that cooked few hours with big bones) after all, paired with a rare combination of Milo Ice.

Coach Thomas has assigned him to lead the team with his veteran experience, rejoining ex-teammate, John Ng. For Pat’s approach, he believes that vocally encouraging his relatively young teammates to take open shots is vital since there is confidence to be gained from every made basket. As cliché as it may sound, there is some truth to the saying, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

It’s not an open secret that the Dragons have yet to practice as a full squad, even with the opening game of ABL 8 being just around the corner, but Pat remains positive about his team anyway. He knows that a few of his missing teammates are representatives of the Malaysian National Team, so he isn’t worried about their capabilities as he looks forward to taking care of them when they arrive to the team. Pat has acknowledged the task given by Coach Thomas, ensuring that every local player will be ready to play with full effort while cheering along those that will be the on court in every possible way, it’s a “just us” mentality within the team.


In case anyone is not familiar with Pat’s play style on court, he is a very tough and competitive player that teammates love. He plays with passion, the “Puso” that most Filipinos show on the court. Hence, he will be ready to play with any team in the league, regardless of whether he is matched up with opposing star players or not. Expect him to leave it all on the floor, playing with every last bit of energy that his body will allow him.

Welcome back, the Filipino Sniper Pat.