It wouldn’t be right if we only spoke with one-half of the Flash Bros and not with the other. In this week’s edition of Players Circle, we chat with the Hanoi Buffaloes’ Nguyễn Thành Đạt. A baller and an entrepreneur, Đạt is entering his first VBA season without his twin brother on the team. We chat with Đạt Doc about how he got into basketball, what’s it like to run a business, and what he’s looking forward to this upcoming season.

AS: Growing up in Vietnam, how did you get into basketball? In our interview with your brother Hoàng, he credited you for exposing him to the game.

Đạt: In junior high school, my friends got me into reading the basketball related manga “Slam Dunk” by Takehiko Inoue. To me, it is one of the greatest basketball related comics ever, if not the greatest. As kids, we were addicted to the story and wanted to try the sport out. Luckily for us, the university near our school had a basketball court. We ditched school to go there a couple times. After a couple of days, I was addicted and asked my twin brother to come with me. That court became our home away from home. And the rest is history.

AS: What does basketball mean to you? What kind of impact has it had on you?

Đạt: Basketball is my escape. I mean, life is so tough and complicated with all the drama and nonsense. We all need some type of “me” time when you are free to enjoy life. For some, it could be crazy as jumping out of the plane or as simple as going out for some beers. For me, nothing is better than that ball and that basket.

AS: What have you been up to this offseason?

Đạt: I’ve been in the gym working on my body and conditioning. Last season, I wasn’t able to perform up to my abilities and my expectations due to injuries, which I tried to play through. So I’ve been trying to get stronger physically.

AS: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Đạt: My ultimate goal is winning the championship and be able to play my game at a high level. Hopefully injury-free!

AS: What’s it like running a shoe store? How do you keep up with trends?

Đạt: Sneakers and basketball go hand in hand. I just figured since I love basketball and sneakers so much, with the rise of the VBA , it would be nice to own a shoe store. And that’s how DocStore was created. It wasn’t hard to keep up with trends. There are so many websites and apps to let u know which heat are coming and what’s trending (ex: KicksOnFire, Sneakernews, etc).

AS: Since you run a shoe store, you’re shoe game must be on point. Which brands are your favorites, and which ones will you be rocking this season?

Đạt: Nike and Jordan are my favorites. I actually own a lot of kicks from various brands. As long as they are basketball sneakers, I love them. I’ll probably wear different ones every game. But it also depend on which pairs is going give me luck (I’m very superstitious).

AS: What’s on your pregame playlist? What type of music are you into? Is there a current song that’s your favorite?

Đạt: It depends on my mood that day. I have two different types of pregame playlists for myself. One includes motivation speeches and beats. Others contain Rap and Hip Hop. Currently, I’m listening to God’s Plan by Drake, Anomaly By Dame D.O.L.L.A., and Plain Jane by A$AP Ferg.

AS: What do you like to do on your free time, relax outside of games? Do you game, watch movies, work out, etc?

Đạt: Aside from basketball, I like to go to Gym and watch movies or TV shows. However, I prefer working out at the gym more.