An incident occurred during the most recent game between Westports Malaysia Dragons and the visiting Mono Vampire Basketball Club in the ASEAN Basketball League.

Usually very vocal and not one to hide his emotions, Dragons head coach Chris Thomas complained about the calls and officiating the whole game, but what happened after the game was a demonstration of one’s lack of professionalism when overcome by emotions.

Never shy away from expressing his dissatisfaction, the American head coach was lucky to earn a technical foul and not an ejection from the game given the way how he yelled and berated the officials even until after the final buzzer.

During the post-game interview, the ex-NBA scout was still complaining about the way the referees officiated the game, going¬†up to one of league official to complain and called it ‘an embarrassment’ to the entire league.

The said league official remained calm and responded that he is not in charge of the technical aspect of a game, and that those things could be subject to personal opinion. The response further triggered Thomas who then called on the official to break down his resume and credentials.

There are a lot of ways to direct your dissatisfaction, an example would be filing an official complaint to the league, but not insulting someone who try his best to ensure the league is delivering top-notch contents to the fans and teams.

After everything, Thomas walked away and was cursing about the incident. Luckily, the team management and league officials were all aware of this incident and have vowed to take action about it.