As previously rumored, the Hanoi Buffaloes of the VBA (Vietnam Basketball Association) will indeed be taking a leap into Thailand ahead of the 2017 VBA season. We speculated that the league would be the TBL (Thailand Basketball League), a domestic league. Sources have confirmed that because the TBL is in fact, a domestic league, a team outside of Thailand would not be able to participate in it. The league that the Buffaloes will be venturing into is the TBSL (Thailand Basketball Super League).

With the TBL still in its offseason, and the regular season presumably starting back up in June, it looks like the Mono Vampires, the champions of the 2016 TBL season, will also be participating. There may still be a chance that the TBSL does also feature other TBL teams to really spice up the competition. Other than the inclusion of the Vietnamese team from Vietnam’s capital and the TBL champions taking part, there has been little information regarding the other teams that will be competing.