Yea, if you read our two previous rumored articles, you might have been able to guess that Justin Young was probably going to be playing for the Hanoi Buffaloes. Well, we are here to confirm that he will indeed be trading in the purple and yellow for the blue and orange jerseys, at least, temporarily. With a short trip back home to the United States, Justin will be coming back to Vietnam, but this time, to the capital.

When asked how he felt about playing for the Buffaloes, Justin said he felt “excited” to be playing for 2016 VBA Coach of the Year, Todd Purves. The unselfish and team oriented system put in place by the coach is a style that he thinks he should be able to thrive in. Young also stated that he thinks Purves is a “great coach” and that he “likes how they play.” As for the zone defense that the Buffaloes like to play, Young didn’t sound as enthusiastic with him iterating, “I hate playing zone.”

Well, we think with Justin’s size, length, and selflessness, he should fit quite nicely within the team composition and it was a great pickup on the part of the Buffaloes. The zone defensive scheme that worked so well in the VBA doesn’t look to be going anywhere, so sorry to burst your bubble Justin. Just as a friendly reminder, all you Justin Young and Ho Chi Minh City Wings fans, it’s perfectly okay to become temporary Buffaloes fans in support of the bigger picture. Young and the Buffaloes should relish in the opportunity to become better, which should only strengthen the 2017 VBA season.

It could be worse. Just think of those overnight Golden State Warriors fans.