As one of the few ABL teams who have seldom switched their world imports over the years, the Singapore Slingers have made the difficult decision of releasing Ryan Wright just as 2017 nears its end.

The Slingers have surprisingly only won three of their seven games thus far this season and are already looking to shake up their roster, especially with the absence of local big man Delvin Goh during their last two games which exposed some holes in the team’s interior defense.

According to the official announcement from the Singapore Slingers, the inconsistent free throw shooting from the Canadian, along with the lack of an ideal height in their painted area ultimately led to the team’s decision to call for a change.

Two-time ABL MVP (2013 & 2014) Christien Charles will be brought in as a hopeful solution to Slingers’ defensive worries. The 7’1’’ Milwaukee native has established himself as one of the best rim protectors in ABL history, having won the ABL Defensive Player of the Year award twice as a member of Hi-Tech Bangkok City just a few seasons ago. Additionaly, the American import has also proven himself to be an effective scorer during the season where he won his first ABL Championship in 2014.

Perhaps more importantly, Slingers management will surely be expecting Christien Charles to bring in his championship experience and mentality to his new team, hoping he can be the right mentor for their young local combo of Delvin Goh and Russel Low.

Although he has struggled to play with a back injury stemming from last season, the center has been constantly training and maintaining himself with his personal strength and conditioning coach back in Vietnam.

Whether it is the “Wright” decision for the Slingers to make such a shocking change as Ryan Wright was averaging 21 points and 13 rebounds per game during his short term in Singapore, opposing teams can expect a similar experience against this newly reformed team. Christien Charles looks to be playing a role similar to their ex-import Justin Howard, partnering with the X-man in defending the paint.