Mono’s 1-2 heritage combo.

The heritage combo of Mono Vampire went into grind mode in Taiwan. Passing wizard Jason Brickman played only 28 minutes, but once again, constantly found open teammates with them returning the favor by knocking down shot after shot. As a result, Brickman had a modest eight points, but a hefty 16 dimes by the end of the game. While the baby-face assassin Paul Zamar caught fire early in the game, easily scoring 21 points which included five triples.

  Chitchai Ananti’s breakout performance.

Known for his high athleticism and crafty scoring ability around the rim, Chitchai Ananti recorded 21 points and four rebounds while dishing out three assists in just 16 minutes of play. Although most of his points were scored during the fourth quarter, he didn’t shy away from playing in front of an aggressive Taiwanese team. Instead, Ananti took responsibility and led his fellow young Thai locals in ending the game well with a 20-point margin by the time the final whistle sounded.

  An early home collapse for the Dreamers.

The home team led the visiting Mono Vampire by a single point at the end of the first quarter, but then suddenly went on a scoring drought in the second quarter. Besides the pressure defense from the Vampire, the young Taiwanese locals were unable to capitalize on open perimeter shots, costing them by allowing Brickman to get into early fast breaks towards the other end. Consequently, the Dreamers only managed to score nine points in the second quarter, and the lack of focus and communication at the beginning of the second half went worse, resulting in early garbage time since the third quarter.

  Chemistry issues.

Fans who watched the game can clearly see there was little to no chemistry between the locals and imports from the Dreamers. The communication at both ends is still blurry, where players on the court didn’t have any clue as to defensive rotations or zone defensive schemes set by their coach. After a frustrating second quarter, the imports started to play more individual basketball without looking to pass first which didn’t help the team’s cause in any way. If the Dreamers continue to play like this, their losing streak should continue in their upcoming road trips to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Big Sam’s impressive debut.

The giant-sized Samuel Deguara didn’t disappoint fans in his ABL debut, logging 22 points and eight rebounds while playing seamlessly alongside point guard Jason Brickman. The very aspect that differs him with Reggie Johnson is his willingness to run the floor. There were a few times he outran Reggie Okosa and took advantage on transition offense. With his size inside the paint, Deguara is already a huge defensive stopper who is able to prevent opposing players from scoring easily. If he can control potential foul troubles, Mono Vampire could be very threatening to the rest of the league once again.