Young and deadly Taiwanese shooting back-court.

Despite another painful loss in front of their high volume home fans, both Yang Tian You and Wu Song Wei put up a show that justified their deserved applause for the hard fought home team. Yang, the key factor in their first win at Saigon stepped up as a facilitator in dishing out seven dimes to his fellow teammates, using his quickness to find space for open shots. On the other hand, Wu Song Wei came off the bench shooting red hot from beyond the arc in naming himself the highest scorer on his team, recording 21 points (5 three-pointers) and two steals.

  Off-day for the Jamaican-American leopard.

The usual fast and furious Akeem Scott seemed a little off after the holiday break, surprisingly committing eight turnovers, the most from the away team. Luckily, the Dreamers couldn’t fully capitalized on his unforced turnovers, otherwise, the final score could have been a lot closer than how things ultimately turned out. Regardless, Scott still logged in 16 points and eight assists for the Heat’s first road win.

  Moses Morgan carries the post-break load.

27 points and 12 rebounds may seem like just another ordinary day in the office for a lot of star players in the league, but knowing Moses Morgan kept himself available all game long, doing all the little things at both ends, he surely deserved the Player of The Game acknowledgement. As if it was just an ordinary Saturday to Moses, where he was assigned with guarding ex-teammate Lenny Daniel, not only did the Heat forward limit the athletic Daniel to only 17 points, but he also provided a tremendous defensive effort on the weak-side covering his teammates. He converted 12 of his 21 shots (57%) on the offensive end, and was the most consistent scoring force along with the newly joined Maxie Esho.

  Lack of synergy from both teams.

Although both teams emphasizes ball rotation to look for open shots, the lack of synergy among teammates was obvious due to the addition of new imports. The Dreamers had 23 assists, which mainly benefitted the team at the three point line, with local players free-firing. Conversely, the Heat had 20 assists, but their ball rotations didn’t seem fast and on-point like what we saw in their past few games. Perhaps Maxie Esho and Michael Williams are still adjusting themselves into Coach Julius’s system.

First glimpse of new imports.

Reggie Okosa didn’t seem to look like his usual self in his debut for the Dreamers, missing a lot of easy hook shots and only making six out of his 17 shots (35%). Moreover, his communication with teammates could have surely been better as he looked miserable at both ends of the floor for most of the game. However, this should improve as he plays and trains more with his new teammates.

As the replacement of Travele Jones, Maxie Esho proved his shooting ability immediately in his ABL debut. Aside from his hot shooting (3-6) from beyond the arc, he also proved to be a great inside force by grabbing 14 rebounds and shooting 58 percent overall (27 points) by the end of the game.

The Heat’s Michael Williams also showed his all-around performance, adding 19 points, six boards and four assists to go along with three blocked shots, despite his lack of chemistry with his new mates.