Based off an Instagram story from Lenny Daniel after the Formosa Dreamers’ tough loss against the CLS Knights on Sunday afternoon, it seems like the energetic power forward was frustrated at himself for being unable to lead his team towards their desired results.

According to a veteran journalist, Mr. Jordan Yap, Lenny has been experiencing very painful and tough body conditions over the past few weeks, which has made him realize that the time has come for the American import to take a step back and rest his body. Therefore, Daniel will reportedly part ways with the Formosa Dreamers for the remainder of the season to recover his injured body.

As his immediate future remains uncertain at this stage, it is highly unlikely that we will see any more of Daniel’s high-flying performances, at least for ABL 8. Consequently, the Formosa Dreamers will be looking for his replacement before their next game in China.

We would like to wish Lenny Daniel the best of luck in his recovery, and hope to see him again next season.