Super Mario shines again in Kuala Lumpur.

From the Indonesian national team jersey to the CLS Knights jersey, Mario Wuysang is still the same killer when playing at MABA Stadium. He runs the floor well, facilitates to his teammates at the right tempo, and provides much needed experience for ayoung and energetic Knights team. Uncle Roe led his side to their first winning streak of the season by logging in 19 points to go along with five boards and four dimes, showing just how much more fans can expect from him even as a 38-year-old veteran.

  Keith Jensen’s convincing debut.

The newly arrived heritage player shot lights out from the perimeter in his ABL debut. He converted 4-of-7 long shots, good for an impressive 57 percent, which contributed a large part to his 18-point performance. Perhaps the team is still looking for the best position to unleash him within their system, but he Jensen excelled as a lethal catch-and-shoot player coming off the bench, including putting a stop to the Dragons’ 20-2 run late in the first half.

  Midnight approaching for AJ West?

Despite his impressive work off the offensive glass, AJ West delivered another disappointing performance in front of his home crowd. He played nearly 33 minutes, but was only able to score seven points and grab 11 rebounds as an all-important world import. In addition to his recent performances, West has showed that his finishing around the rim is not very polished, to the point that opposing big guys can essentially just hold their ground, then grab his misses. It may be in the realm of possibility that we could see yet another roster change for an instable Dragons squad soon.

  The importance of a floor general.

Due to an injury from the Dragons’ last game, Marcus Marshall was forced to sit out, with the Dragons having to play Joshua Munzon as their point guard. The latter was able to dish out five assists, but also committed five turnovers, and more importantly, attempted 30 shots, but only successfully made 11 of them, resulting in a poor 37 percent from the field which had a direct consequence of poor ball movement throughout the whole game. Of all the 32 made shots from the home team, only 13 of them came off assists, further stressing the importance of a pass-happy floor general for any team.

Duke Crews or Shane Edwards?

Sunday afternoon’s matchup against the Malaysia Dragons saw Shane Edwards server up another solid double-double performance (21 points and 10 rebounds), as he was the main player responsible for collapsing the home squad’s defense from the inside. His style of play seems to match well with the Knights, which leads to an ultimate question: should he continue or be replaced by Duke Crews when the team’s opening night starter comes back from injury? Let’s be mindful that Crews Jr. is nearing a full recovery, and his 1-2 combo with Brian Williams could probably be the most threatening inside tandem in the entire league. While the team is enjoying their first winning streak of the season, the coaching staff and management will have a sweet dilemma to solve rather soon.