The Mono Vampire Basketball Club stunned the visiting Chongson Kung Fu 105-92, when they faced off in Stadium 29 in Bangkok just a week ago.

Mono’s American import Mike Singletary single-handedly outplayed his counterparts all over the court, from rebounding, dishing assists, scoring, defending, and even getting Kung Fu’s heritage import Caelan Tiongson get into foul trouble.

The home team also connected 10 of their 21 shots from distance, most from sharp-shooting duo Paul Zamar and Darongpan Apirovilaichai. Center Samuel Deguara had a decent match-up with Kung Fu’s world import Justin Howard, but the former had a slight advantage on the boards, especially from the offensive glass.

The Chinese team’s swingman Anthony Tucker will certainly look to grab this crucial win to stop their 3-games losing streak before facing the defending champion in a few days. He would need more assistance from his teammates, however, especially after high-flying forward Guo Kai returned to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) club Guangzhou Longlions about two months ago. Filipino-American Mikh McKinney will also be relied on to help the team with his scoring and facilitating.

Based on their previous game, it may seems that the victor will be determined by whether they can stop the Thai club’s frontcourt combo.

Key Individual Match-Ups

Caelan Tiongson VS Mike Singletary 

Tiongson played just about 27 minutes before he received his fifth personal foul during the last match. When he was on court, his size and agility were at least enough to create some problems against the red-hot Mike Singletary. Hence, the key for Kung Fu to win will be heavily depend on whether or not their 6’4” heritage import can guard the regional veteran head-to-head till the end of the game. This is expected to be another intense battle between a defensive specialist and an offensive juggernaut.


Clash of Giants 

This season hasn’t been particularly well to veteran big man Justin Howard, while is still putting decent number at this stage of career, his slower pace and stamina are affecting his efficiency on the court, especially during the final quarters of games.

The 37-years old big man was still able to drop 28 points against the much taller and stronger Deguara, but seemed to have lost his usual dominance on the rebounding category. It would still be a tough battle for him, but his skill and experience on the offensive end should be able to help him in tricking ‘Big Sam’ into unnecessary foul trouble.