Cold handed assassin.

Paul Zamar was obviously having a cold night in China, where he was having a terrible shooting from deep, only able to make 1-of-7 from long distance. This allowed the opposing team to throw heavier defense on his fellow teammates Jason Brickman and Mike Singletary as a direct result. It was partly contributed by his stable outside shooting that gave Vampire a chance to beat their Chinese counterpart one week ago, so to get his usual shooting rhythm back is extremely important, especially with playoff approaching less than a month away.

  Chinese locals shine.

When their big man Justin Howard fouled out midway through fourth quarter, Vampires seemed to have a “big” advantage down low, given that 6’4” Caelan Tiongson was their tallest player on court. However, the home team proved otherwise, and two of their locals stood out and overcome the challenge well. It was a combined effort of He Chong Ren and Luo Yong Xuan, also known as “Camel”, who were not afraid of taking shots. Instead of rushing the ball, they let their floor general manage the clock and waited for open shot. Both of them contributed a total of 16 points and four boards.

  Isolated Mike.

Mike Singletary was still able to dropped 37 points on this game, despite another tightly guarded game from Caelan Tiongson. In fact, the home team was clear with their intention on allowing the 30-years old American import to make tough shots all night long, but cutting off his connection with his teammates, and forced him to made predictable passes. He was only able to dish out one assist, but committed seven turnovers at the end, crediting to Kung Fu’s brilliant strategy. Tiongson was also doing an incredible defensive job all night long, even though his counterpart was converting 52% from the field.

  Sharing is caring. 

Both teams have guards that are willing to share the ball and pass it out whenever there’s a good open spot. Kung Fu had 28 assists in total, which majorly contributed by their heritage guard Mikh McKinney who dropped 11 dimes to his teammates. Besides, both Tiongson and Anthony Tucker each had seven assists to finished up the game well. As for the visiting team, the Passing Wizard- Jason Brickman was still facilitating to his teammates, dishing out 13 assists in total, he also stepped up his scoring game with 17 points. Vampire had 5-assists less than the home team.

All-around Tucker 

The elected Player of the Game was once again showing his versatile skill set in this much needed victory. Tucker was red-hot from three-point territory, converted four three-pointers on the first half, then switched to quick penetration and driving in the second half. He also made two highlighted plays during the deciding quarter, that basically boosted his entire team’s momentum, especially when Howard has fouled out. The Minnesota native had 35-points, 8-boards, 7-dimes, 4-steals and 2-blocks, which also summed up how much he wanted this victory before their match up with Hong Kong Eastern two days later.