Game changer. 

The reigning World Import MVP was performing at his best during the first half, recorded 23 points just by himself. It was almost like his championship season where none of the opposing players can stopped him. However, Elliott committed three quick fouls on the third quarter, within just a minute. Since then the momentum switched and Chong Son Kung Fu never looked back and lead until the final buzzer. He was looking to carry his team once again just like usual down the stretch, but missing of him was still too huge of a shoe for his teammates to fill, hence a tough loss before they facing them again few days later.

  High pressure defense

Coach Edu Torres is best known of his iconic high pressure full court defense, and they almost gave Kung Fu a lesson to learn of not taking a good care of the basketball. They successfully forced their counterpart to commit 21 turnovers, which was a big number if you think about how steady Anthony Tucker (7 TOs) and Mikh McKinney (8 TOs) usually were. As a result, the defending champion scored 25 points from turnovers, and huge credit goes to Lee Ki who had three steals.

  Struggle continues. 

Similarly to their previous meeting, Lamb was bothered by the heavy defense that thrown on him. He was near to stone cold at the perimeter line, missing all of his eight shots the entire game, included few open shots. Although he was doing a fine job on facilitating the team at one point, especially after his fellow back-court partner Marcus Elliott was fouled out, but his team needed more than that while trailing the home team. The Thai-American import only finished the game with eight points, along with five rebounds and five assists, the lowest scoring output among the starters.

  Every long shot counts. 

One reason that Kung Fu can outplayed the first seed team was because of their effective shots from deep. In order to break the opposing’s zone defense, corner three is extremely important at this case, and the home team did it with confidence. It was Luo Yong Xuan a.k.a Camel who nailed in two big shots when Eastern looking to make a run. Then it switched to Mikh McKinney who was ice the game big shot after big shot on the deciding quarter, contributed 30-points, 7-boards and 6 dimes. McKinney was also awarded as the Player of the Game by league official afterwards.

Experienced Justin Howard

It may seems that Justin Howard is getting overshadowed by his superior guards combo, but he uses just one game to tell the rest how impactful he is to Kung Fu. The 37-years old veteran had a monster double-double on Friday night, which was 22 points and 20 rebounds specifically. To make thing sounds more dominant, Howard grabbed 10 boards from the offensive class, that directly allowed him to scored down low. Besides, he also re-establish his presence on the painted area by sending out four blocks to whoever tried to challenge him, and this is exactly the kind of performance that coach Dube-Brias need to win them the rest of the regular games.